Who Won the Week (9 August 2020)

I do like Fandango’s Who Won the Week post, and like to join in with some quirky stories from my own newsfeeds. The idea is that we pick a “thing” (person, organisation, anything) who “won” the week. I often post with a heavy dose of tongue-in-cheek, but not last week or today. Another good news story.

A mega-short post this week.

As anybody who follows me will know I take a strong interest in Irish news. Something I saw earlier caused me to pull my original post and replace it with this.

In the last 24 hours, in the whole of Ireland, there were 68 new confirmed COVID cases, but no new deaths. Actually, this isn’t really news, because there has been a very low death rate since mid-June. Threes or fours, but often zero.

Ireland has still had an estimated 1,772 deaths caused by COVID, but hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ll get there.

Double Trouble

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 9th August 2020, inevitable.

Anna’s younger sister (Zara) and brother-in-law (Dan) seemed set on a particular course. Early twenties, two children already… it was inevitable that there would be more.

Imagine Anna’s surprise, then, when she received a call from Zara one evening. Could she look after the boys for the afternoon? Mum and Dad were away, and she and Dan wanted to attend a seminar up in London in a couple of weekends time.

With no special plans of her own, Anna agreed. Looking after two baby boys for the afternoon might be… educational! “What’s the seminar about?”, she asked. “Tips and tricks for self-publishing”, Zara replied. The host was somebody Anna had never heard of.

Anna had vaguely heard Zara talk about this before. With two babies in tow, Zara was trying to turn her hobby of writing children’s books into something which might, at least, bring in some extra income. With the boys, the hours were unpredictable, but at the very least, it was something she could do from home.

I’ve written a background to these characters, in the posts below.