Okay, here’s the story. Before lockdown, I needed a haircut, but I didn’t go because of catching the pox. Unnecessary risks, and all that.

So, a few weeks into lockdown, I bit the bullet and used my clippers to give myself a #4. If you’re not in the know, I believe a #4 is 4/8″, about as short as I’ve ever had it. Normally, I have the barber cut my hair to 1″, and it grows from there. I secretly always fancied going even shorter, but my wife said she wouldn’t like it.

Yesterday, she mentioned that I could do with clipping it again. Fatal mistake. As the weather is also getting a bit warmer, I went for it. Here is the result.

My head is at a funny angle, because I wanted as much of the top to be visible as I could. This is a #1 (that is 1/8″).

The verdict:

wife “I don’t like it, it makes you look like your dad.” Presumably she means my 70-year-old dad, not the 20-year-old version. Actually I always thought my dad was better-looking as a youngster than I ever was. “You look like an egg”, she just said. “Don’t do it again.”
me It is lovely. Ladies, you know when you run your fingers through your husband’s freshly-cut hair and it feels short, soft and bristly? It’s like that. And I’m loving that I put my hand on my head, and it actually feels warm!

This should see me through lockdown! And if I can’t do it now, when can I?

Fandango’s One Word Challenge (16 May 2020)

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), circle. What happens when you keep spinning around in a circle?

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