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for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), hectic.

Well, I was going to talk about my day today, but… sheeeee-it! So instead, let’s go back to a period that was very hectic, in retrospect.

I had a spell out in the USA, and came back to the UK at the start of 1997. I felt I’d kinda hit a ceiling in my job, so decided to start my own business, hiring myself out as a consultant. I had been project managing, but clients were not looking for project managers, so I had to fall back on my software development skills. In fact, they were a useful tool to have, and I’ve made that fallback a few times since then.

By February of 1997, I had my first client – IBM. They had a site down by Southampton in the UK, so I duly movede into a rental down there. Since I arrived back, I’d been staying with my mother anyway, so was pretty much no fixed abode. And I’d always lived in cities, so Southampton seemed a good fit.

As time went by, I started to get settled in the area, I found new clients down there and decided I needed to meet some more local people.

I met (the woman who was to become) my wife in May, 1998. I would ABSOLUTELY NOT recomment acting this quickly to anybody else, but we hit it off straight away. At the same time, I’d decided that I liked the area, so would look for somewhere to put down permanent roots. The countryside down here is so beautiful I thought it might be pleasant to live in the middle of it.

By September 1998 my “wife” and I decided that we might have some kind of future together and we kinda both said, not really that we wanted a baby together, but if it happened, it happened. I thought It’ll be years yet, because that’s how long it normally takes couples, but little did I know. A month later, she was pregnant.

At the same time, I had made moves on a house. Half a mile outside of the New Forest, which is a National Park here in the UK. I decided I liked the place, so just offered their asking price. In what seemed an interminable few months while the legal was sorted, I moved in just after christmas 1998, in early January. “Wife” moved in very shortly afterwards – the big step had already been taken, so living together was no big deal.

I’m not quite sure what happened about marriage. There was non of your down on one knee nonsense, for sure. I can vaguely remember that it happened in bed, and I guess I must have asked her, or so she says. But she also promised to obey me, and look what happened there!

In any case, my pregnant wife and I were married in March 1999. We got a cancellation at the Registry Office, and our honeymoon was a holiday we had booked before we even decided to marry. We had two witnesses at the wedding – the legal requirement – and celebrated immediately afterwards by taking Afternoon Tea in a nearby hotel.

All was peaceful for a few months, except that she grumbled more and more as she got bigger and bigger. We went away again in June, and every bloody five minutes was a toilet stop! The baby duly came along in August, 1999, after 26 hours of labour. While she was merrily swigging away on gas & air, I had to go out for a Burger King partway through to sustain my energy levels!

Again, a quiet few months while I got used to a fairly new wife, and a very new baby. I was still working in all this time, I’d had two or three local clients, High Street banks, but in March 2000 I was offered a role up in London. London is in a different league altogether. Alongside NYC, there is nowhere better in IT.

A busy three years…

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed large IT systems, interrupted by a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Now mix development of health-related software with voluntary work and writing. Married, with an estranged daughter.

11 thoughts on “Shackled”

    1. 😆 any port in a storm! I remember it was really hot, and only about a month before, we’d gotten our first car with a/c. So we spent a lot of labour sitting in their car park, in the car where it was cool.


    1. Thank you, Farida. I am honoured, thank you very much, but I stay away from awards. That you enjoy reading my posts is award enough. I am glad that I found yours, too. I especially like the quizzes. Todays was 4 & 8, but I will have to look at the question again to see which was which. I wanted to leave some time before I commented, but I will comment tomorrow morning. I have always loved Maths. I am also learning a few words of Italian reading your posts, so thank you.
      My one visit to Italy was near to Siena. Anywhere near you? But I enjoy the Giro and will miss it this year. I always loved Marco Pantani, my favourite cyclist. I watched him win in Paris!

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