KC's Prompt

Over at KC’s Place, KC has created a prompt, with some questions to be answered. What with this virus keeping me home, I have a bit of extra time, so I thought it might be fun to answer her questions. Whether I have time to do this every week, I don’t know yet, bvut let’s see how it goes. Her questions are as follows.

  • Do you believe in a ‘sixth sense’ – otherwise known as “intuition” or “gut instinct”, why or why not and, if ‘yes’, will you write about an experience?

I certainly believe in a gut instinct. After all, what is it? It is our instinct, based on all our life experience. So not only do I believe in it, I think it gets better as we get older.

  • Do you believe there is truly such a thing as “a self-made man/woman”? Give an example of why or why not.

What do we mean by self-made? Started off with nothing, worked hard, no doubt, and became rich under their own steam?

No, sorry, I don’t buy that because at some point, people will have helped them along their way. Whether that be somebody who starts off with a substantial sum of money (e.g. Donald Trump), or somebody who has many minions to make their wealth for them (e.g. Jeff Bezos), they’ve had/have help. They might have exceptional talent (maybe Trump was a bad example?) but they have not made it on their own.

  • Do you have a Bucket List, if not, why, and if so, what are some things on it?

Yes, I suppose so. I always planned to go back to NYC at some point, but I guess I’ll never get to the States again.

I’ve spent some wonderful times in Paris, a visit there again might be possible. Plus in recent years I have had wonderful holidays in the Netherlands – I really like the Dutch way of life. That would be a lovely visit, but since I don’t drive at the moment, getting out of Ansterdam might be tricky.

That goes for friends too – I’d love to see a couple of old friends, and would love to meet one or two new friends too. I’d love to see my auntie, snd cousin, again, but they live a long way away.

I don’t really have any grand designs, any hankering to go on luxury holidays, tour the world etc., but I’d love to see people and places I have loved again.

  • Do you believe in astrology; if so, how is this a part of your daily life?

No. Not an ounce. But, you know, if it helps you get you through the night, I will respect that. But not for me.

Intellect in Isolation #1

A bit of trivia fun for you. Today, written for Fandango’e One-word Challenge (FOWC), suspense. If people like this idea, I’ll post some more.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are so called because from a distance, they have a bluish-coloured haze about them. Why is this?

Answers either on a postcard, in a comment, or if you really want you can email me. If you comment, you’d better be 100% sure that you’re right, because everybody else is going to see it!

I’ll post the answer, in a comment, at (or just after) 8am GMT tomorrow. I shall keep you in suspense until then.

You can look this answer up if you like, but I’ll be impressed if you don’t need to! And if anybody can figure out a better title, I’m all ears. Points awarded for inventive answers too 🙂.