Fandango’s Provocative Question (18 March 2020)

Wednesday. Fandango’s Provocative Question. This week his sombre topic is COVID-19. He asks us to watch a news clip, and then to comment.

The clip, in full, is over 12 minutes long, but I shall supply it anyway, in case you have not seen it yet and feel the urge to watch.

Okay, my main comment on this clip is, I’m afraid, another question. You can answer if you wish, but I shall provide my answer below.

My question is:

How many people will have changed their opinion of Donald Trump as a result of this show?

My answer? 0.

You see the clip is basically showing how, on the specific subject of COVID-19, Trump has flipped and flitted, and been generaly responsible for disseminating inaccurate information.

Put it another way, my question becomes: what’s new?

Only a couple months ago, we had Trump’s impeachment hearing. From one side, we had how can anybody not understand how serious this is? Trump: huh? Nothing to see here.

I’ve commented both on this blog and on other blogs how Trump’s supporters will let him get away with anything, because they believe that Trump will deliver power. As long as he fulfils that, he will get away with anything. Forget about being objective. The objective people already left the building.

Let’s take another case, dating right back to the start of the presidency. Russian involvement in the US election. One side: how can anybody not understand how serious this is? Trump: Huh? Nothing to see here.

So, why should COVID-19 be different to anything else?

And if my question was indeed provocative, then let me follow it up with another.

What is so messed up about our systems that makes people throw all objectivity out of the window, to get their hands on power? To blindly follow somebody regardless of their actions?

That question applies to all of us, to varying degrees. But it is one that you can think about yourselves.