In the UK over the weekend, the news came out that the presenter of one of these reality-TV programmes had taken her own life, aged just 40. It was not a show I had ever watched, although I had heard it talked about. The presenter was not somebody I had ever heard of.

Because the show was/is quite popular, there has been a lot of airtime since, not least the effect that social media had on this woman’s state of mind. The trouble is, social media is a double-edged sword. Just as it may have broken her (or been a contributing factor), so it was probably partially responsible for giving her the fame and riches that she earned as a TV presenter. During the good times, I am guessing that she used social media to her advantage, even if just to keep herself in the public eye when the programme was off-air.

My own daughter, back in 2015, clained that she was being abused, and convinced the authorities to take her into care, just so shee could get out of the house. The grass is always greener… 2020, she has her own bedsit, but when she comes here to visit, I have trouble getting her to go home again, because she says she feels safe here. Sorry, but that ship sailed long ago.

Just this weekend, the UK was battered by Storm Dennis. The weekend before, we had Storm Ciara. We have a river only maybe ¼ mile away from our house, but I always felt quite safe before, because my house is 10 yards above the river, vertically. But these last couple of weekends, we have had floods of water rise up to the level of the garden – when the place has never flooded before. The reason? Not the river, but the drains not working. Presumably to save money, the local council don’t maintain them any more, and again presumably, they get blocked. It is not surprising since the storms have brought down debris all over the place. Fortunately it has been dry today – so far. Same with grass verges – they don’t maintain them any more, either, so in the summer when you’re pulling out in your car, you can’t see oncoming traffic.

Lastly, on this same point, people – me and my neighbours (okay, not me!) – have elected these people time and again to run the show.

Why don’t people understand that there aree consequences to the choices they make?