Fandango’s Provocative Question (12 February 2020)

Wednesday. Fandango has just moved house but has nevertheless got his legions of aides to publish a Provocative Question. This week, he asks:

Is it better to know or is it better to not know?

Okay, some context from me. This was asked in a guy’s Philosophy exam. The exam, however, appeared to provide no context whatever. So, presumably it means just “to know, in general”.

I’m in my fifties now, and don’t need to worry about passing any exams, so my answer would be :

It depends.

There, simple. Hey, if somebody wants to ask a smart-ass question, then sure as hell, I’m capable of giving a smart-ass answer!

But let’s say for a moment that I was one of those students, and my answer was going to make the difference between brain surgery and sweeping up everybody’s garbage. I’d maybe want to expand my answer a little.

I think probably most scenarios, I would like to know. For example:

  • I’d like to know how much money is in the bank, so I could choose between dining at the Tour d’Argent and McDonald’s;

(La Tour d’Argent [The Silver Tower] is a top-notch restaurant in Paris, France. It overlooks La Seine, Notre Dame and the Ile St Louis. If you get the chance, go there. But beware, it is expensive. When I went, it cost me €300 – about $330. That’s about 3 week’s Disability Benefit on a single meal.)


  • I wish I’d known the car was about to break down, then I wouldn’t have started this 500-mile trip;


  • I wish I’d known it was going to rain today, so I wouldn’t have been soaked;


  • I’d like to know who’s going to win next season, so I could go place a bet on them tomorrow;

or even

  • I wish I’d known that <insert name here> was a bastard, so I might never have bothered going out with them in the first place!

Okay, that last one might have hurt, but you’re a lot wiser for the experience!

There are all sorts of things I would like to know about, but there are a few I’m glad I don’t know. The biggie is

  • when am I going to die?

For something like that, you can keep it. Can you imagine how horrible it would be, if we all wore some kind of countdown timer? (although I did enjoy Logan’s Run, but there’s dystopia for you) How desparate we’d all be, when the number got down low? How spooky it’d be when that number went negative (🙂, Fandango!) I get hung up about how I’ll go, but not so much about when I go. That I will go at some point is probably a safe bet (though I might come back to haunt you!) but aside from it being too soon (it’ll be too soon, whenever it happens), I don’t think when is particularly something I’d want to know.

The new Valentine’s Day Massacre?

As I was browsing through my reader this morning, I saw a post from CARAMEL. In her post, she refers to Valentine’s Day.

Now, I’ve been married almost 21 years. In fact our anniversary is next month. See? I do remember it! That’s probably not long in comparison to a lot of you, but plenty long enough to have decided whether she’s a good’un or not*.

* most of the time 🙂

On the subject of Valentine’s Day, we both agree that we can’t be bothered. As with many festivals, it just seems like an excuse for somebody to try and sell us something. Wrap something in a pretty bow, claim it is for Valentine’s, then double the price. And, it’s probably something we never wanted in the first place!

But in saying that, I’m aware that I am the original Ebenezer Scrooge! (Okay, maybe not quite the original 🙂) But certainly starting to fit nicely into the role of grumpy old man. So, I wondered what you guys thought of it?

I’ll try to create a poll to let you just answer good/bad, but feel free to expand your view in my comments if you wish.

And then I’ll try and figure out the results. If they don’t appear as if by magic, I’ll put them in a comment in a couple of days.

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