Article on Climate Change

I wasn’t going to post any more today, but I just took a break and came across a good article from the BBC on the subject of climate change. They’re basically putting things in terms of a few graphs.

The first graph looks quite dramatic, because they have animated it. But I take this with a pinch of salt, because this just shows the temperature rise. It doesn’t show one way or the other whether human activity caused the rise, which is what I see as the key to the argument. A climate-change-denier will argue that the human activity bit there is crucial – otherwise the earth might be warming of its own accord. And meteorological records only go back to about 1850, which means we have no comparison records from before the industrial revolution.

I thought that the very last one was particularly good – the impact of the different foods we eat on emissions. Even just within the “genre” of meat, it’s interesting to contrast something like chicken with something like beef.

They list the source for the data under each graph.


  1. I’m good on the food as I start buying fair trade coffee and chocolade. Next week of the union, let’s see if there are some coins coming my way!
    I mean, I want to help and I do but sometimes you’re stuck between a hard and a rock place.

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        • * long long answer* That makes more sense, a rock and a hard place, my brain messes up sometimes.
          It’s a shame we can’t adjust our comments when posted. I type, send and see the error 😆
          How do I know? I don’t know. I started to listen to music at an early age as you know. George Michael and Tina Turner taught me! And I watched a lot of tv, all series and now I watch YouTube sometimes.
          Aha maybe that will be the thing, the shows on tv are not dubbed, there are subtexts. So I heard English all the time and automatically you learn. I am also way better with languages than with math. I will never understand quantum physics.
          Sometimes it’s difficult/more intens to read/write in a different language and that is when the mistakes happen. I started to blog in English because I could make more friends, see? I foresaw that one very well!

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          • A similar English phrase is “a six and two threes”. Two threes are, of course, six, so the phrase means that there is no difference between the options. A “rock and a hard place”, though, implies two similar options, neither of which is good. 6 and 2 3s just implies that the options make no difference – there is no negativity implied.

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            • That’s a cool expression, we say: ‘choosing between the plague and cholera’ implying if you could choose, nothing would change. I’m going to make a post out of this expressions 🙂 I can’t think of one where’s no negativity involved.

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    • I think it is fine if we think about making personal cuts, and I think we have to, but for example seeing how much is emitted by China, which we can do nothing about….you’re right. I guess we do as much as we think we can.
      Actually I was surprised with nuts, because I would’ve thought that they came largely from s America and were the same as cocoa.

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      • It depends on the nuts of course. Some are cheap and some not. Cashews come from Africa actually and I guess they are not that cheap to grow + transportation. The nuts from the garden are for free.
        I’m surprised India does so well, well people are poor maybe that plays also a role. I don’t know.
        Trump is not going to do anything and China neither I guess. The government doesn’t respect nature that well.

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    • One English phrase you maybe will not know is “pissing into the wind”. Yes, you can guess what happens when..! It often feels like that’s what we are doing. But we who think, this is our destiny! We see all the things that are right with the world, but they count for nothing because we see so many things wrong with it.

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  2. I don’t get this climate change stuff either, whether it’s man-made or not. And as for the food thing, I tend not to eat a lot of meat – I grew up with a single parent and 4 kids so mum had to buy the cheaper cuts of meat; cheap sausage with gristle, liver (was disgusting anyway) but the big fat veins. I loved the steak and kidney puds but couldn’t eat the kidney.

    My point was (sorry, I went off track lol) that I tend to eat mainly plant food – for no other reason than I like it — and if it helps reduce the world’s gas emissions — hey!

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    • Yeah, that pretty much sums me up too. Apparently we are flexitarians! My meat consumption is probably less than one meal per week now. I was veggie for several years in teens and twenties but gave it up when I started travelling. You couldn’t be veggie in France or the USA back then.

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  3. I should have also written in the post: I don’t necessarily trust what the BBC says, but a lot of this data comes from sources which presumably have quite rigorous criteria for publication. I’m more inclined to trust something if it had a reputable source.


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