Article on Climate Change

I wasn’t going to post any more today, but I just took a break and came across a good article from the BBC on the subject of climate change. They’re basically putting things in terms of a few graphs.

The first graph looks quite dramatic, because they have animated it. But I take this with a pinch of salt, because this just shows the temperature rise. It doesn’t show one way or the other whether human activity caused the rise, which is what I see as the key to the argument. A climate-change-denier will argue that the human activity bit there is crucial – otherwise the earth might be warming of its own accord. And meteorological records only go back to about 1850, which means we have no comparison records from before the industrial revolution.

I thought that the very last one was particularly good – the impact of the different foods we eat on emissions. Even just within the “genre” of meat, it’s interesting to contrast something like chicken with something like beef.

They list the source for the data under each graph.

More Bad Poetry

As a nipper, I played in a band,
We would often play somewhere quite grand.
But my playing was flat,
Sounded just like a cat.
It was more than the punters could stand!

or how about:

I’m glad I was not out today,
It’s been windy and rainy all day.
The cat is asleep,
On the floor, in a heap.
In the warmth of the house he will stay

Or finally, one that is not mine, but one that I read years and years ago:

I’ve got a dog called Rover
He’s soft and he’s fluffy all over
He’s as cute as sugar babies
It’s such a pity he’s got rabies

Sorry 🙂. I hope you’re enjoying your Thursday.