Blog Stats

After my wordpress (mis)adventure, I jigged up my Blogger a little bit. One thing was that I’ve started looking at Google Analytics. Google always collected the data, but I only just hooked it all up so I could see it.

Of course, this is a very tightly-focussed site, it has very low traffic. Google Analytics is more for your big sites, where ultimately you’re selling or marketing something, so you can see how people are using your site. So, I know from the outset that when it says, say, that the revenue from a certain page was $0.00, I know to take it with a pinch of salt.

Incidentally, one possible source of revenue might be from displaying ads, but I took a deliberate decision right at the start that if you were looking to visiting me,it’s not really an appropriate place to try and sell you something.

Anyway, these analytics tell me all sorts of useless (but fascinating) information. 55% of my users use either a phone or a tablet, something other than a desktop computer, to view my site. I’m in a minority there, because I prefer my Windows laptop, hands-down.

Most of my visits have been from the UK (which is to be expected), but a small number have been from the US and from some European countries. There have also been visits from an “unknown area”. I’d like to think that this is outer space, and that some alien somewhere is interested in my blog, but it’s probably just Google’s powers of deduction have been exhausted and it has given up. I wonder if any of my UK visitors are “me”? They shouldn’t be – I allow Google to put a cookie on my conputer to tell it to ignore hits from my computer. But that pre-supposes that it works!

We hit lots of web sites by mistake. A search engine gives us the hit, we look at the front page but it isn’t what we’re looking for. GA tells me that visits to my site average several minutes, so somebody must be reading something.

Most of all, I’m just happy that the bloomin’ thing works!