Tech Review

I wanted to say a quick word about these things:

They’re called a Trackr Pixel. You can buy then off eBay for about £10, I think they’re even less if you buy from Amazon, but..I don’t buy from Amazon.

They’re little tracking devices. About the size of a £1, if you’re British. Otherwise, maybe 3/4″ diameter. less than 1/4″ deep.

My first batch, I got one for my tablet, one for my wallet, and stuck one on the laptop. That was probably a couple of years ago. Each counter is just a Bluetooth device, and Trackr do an app for your phone. You pair the two, and hey presto! A button in the Trackr app on the phone makes the counter beep, a button on the counter makes the phone beep.

Setup was dead easy, just a case of loading the app and going through a wizardy thing. After a couple of screens it tells you to push the button on your counter, and pairs the two for life.

Incidentally, of that first batch, my laptop never moves. So, I can always make a reasonable assumption that I’ll know where the laptop is. But my phone does. So, I can use the counter on the laptop to find the phone. Because they’re Bluetooth, you’re pretty much limited to “same room in the house”, but if something has fallen down the side of a chair, say, you’ll find it. With most of my stuff, there are only one or two rooms it will be in anyway, but I can quite easily lose something within those rooms. If something is in a different room, you can also deduce that because when you push the button, nothing rings.

I got the first batch of counters a couple of years ago, and I’ve had to replace the batteries on them twice, I think. 9 months sounds about right. They warn me when the battery is low, and that prompts me to order new batteries. I think there’s even a button for that on the app, although it points to an American store, so it’s easier to get them off eBay again.

I mean, in the broadest terms, they work for me. I know that there are several Bluetooth tracking devices available now, I only have experience of these particular ones. I keep my house keys in a key-safe nowadays so they are always either in there, or in the lock, or in my hand, although these counters do come with a small cord, just in case you wish to attach them. They also come with a counter-sized bit of double-sided-sticky-tape, which I have found useful.

I like these things so much that I bought a second batch of three a few days ago. That’s the reason for this post – I just set them up. So now, my purse and my two ID lanyards are also covered. The purse, 90% of the time, stays with the wallet, but they do get separated, for example when I bring the wallet to the laptop because I need a credit card.

I could try and blame all this on the stroke, but it’s just age. I’m already a million times better than my wife at “not losing things”, and she has perfect health. These little counters make it a zillion!

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed large IT systems, interrupted by a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Now mix development of health-related software with voluntary work and writing. Married, with an estranged daughter.

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