Tick Tock

Hahaha – you have to take this stuff with a pinch of salt!

The stroke charity gave me a certificate yesteray for 100 hours voluntary work. I did say to the co-ordinator that the number was nonsense, but hey, it was just a bit of paper.

In fairness, this woman has quite diligently recorded the time I’ve spent volunteering – since she joined 9 months ago. Prior to that, her predecessors were a bit more variable. In the early days, I would go up to the hospital on my own, so how could anyone know?

So I will try to hazard a guess myself. I’ve been volunteering every 2 weeks for approximately 2½ years. 25 visits per year, so, about 60 visits. Then it starts getting harder. For each visit, “time away from home” is about 3½ hours per visit. Easy! That works out to about 200 hours.

But, not all of that time is spent at the hospital, a lot of time is spent commuting. These days, I’m there for up to 1½ hours at a time, so that would be 90 hours actually on site. But the time actually on the ward fluctuates. Yesterday I was up there nearly 2 hours, but 1½ is really my safe maximum. But certainly, there have also been times when I must’ve been in and out in 20 minutes flat. Equally, the bus timetables used to be different so I was up at the hospital slightly longer than I am now. But 60 visits at 20 minutes per visit is only 20 hours!

So, what do we say? Somewhere between 20 and 90 hours actually on the ward, is my best guess – that’s a mighty big margin of error, and even best case, falls short! So I’m pretty sure I could not possibly have hit their milestone, but it was only a piece of paper and a photo op to put in their next magazine.