Out of Stock

I’m a bit concerned about the state of my meds. I order these electronically. I mean, it is all done through the NHS, through one of their approved pharmacies’ web sites.

In theory, I fire off an electronic request to the pharmacy, who then contact my doctor’s surgery for an authorisation. All of this is electronic. Lastly, the pharmacy pops my meds in the post, and they arrive through my letterbox a few days later. In terms of timescale, my pharmacy recommend you trigger the request 7-10 days before you want the meds to arrive.

Well, I sent a request last Monday, 21st January, 2 weeks before I’m due to run out. Apparently, this was approved by my doctor’s surgery on 25th January, but it has not yet been dispatched to me. Apparently, some of the items are proving difficult to get hold of. I wonder if this has anything to do with Brexit? Although I note that we are still in the EU for another two months, so right now, absolutely nothing has changed from. say, 10 years ago! All rules and regulations are the same. The pharmacy told me that they are waiting on three meds, one of which is branded Bayer, one from Boehringer Ingelheim (which I presume are both German pharmas), but the third is generic, the only address I can see on my existing packet is Eastbourne, well and trulty in the UK and actually not too far from here.

I’m kinda concerned because the upshot is that next month, I will order 3 weeks in advance, to try and make sure the meds arrive on time. And, maybe I need to stockpile a supply of meds, just in case? A friend of mine published details of a campaign by his local doctors and pharmacists, aimed at discouraging people from stockpiling meds, but really, when the supply chain lets you down, what choice do patients have?

Hot Dog

For the last few days my sugar has been really high. I say “really high” – it was 11 mmol/l (200 mg/dl) this morning. OK, not really high but I’m used to single digits these days.

The culprit? Well, I did get myself a little treat at the weekend. One of those multipacks containing 4 x 4-finger Kit-Kats. That’s English candy, a chocolate and wafer thing. I kind-of think that anything around these days must be internationally available, but I could be wrong.

I had my last one of these bars yesterday. But the whole bar is, like, 50g, I’ve had 50g bars of candy before and it is never even noticeable in my sugar readings. maybe  it’s because I had one the day before too, and the day before that? I’ve observed that after some “bad” foods, it takes my body a good 2 or 3 days to get back to normal sugar levels (not “normal” – average for me).

The other thing I bought at the weekend was a packet of Bratwurst, plus some hot dog rolls to go with them. I had 3 Bratwursts – half the pack – on Sunday for lunch, plus another 2 yesterday for lunch. It is difficult to see the Bratwursts themselves putting my sugar up, although god knows what has been added to them in the factory. but those white bread rolls…

I’m normally very careful with my bread consumption. It is difficult to avoid it completely, especially as I rely on sandwiches for lunch. But usually it is, at least, wholemeal bread. The way it was explained to me, white bread is easier to digest (i.e. your body doesn’t have to do as much work). wholemeal makes your body work a bit harder, so you end up using more energy to digest it, and therefore your sugar goes up less. A bit, anyway. I’ve never looked at this in detail but that’s what I was told by a diabetes nurse and it makes sense.

I can’t imagine white vs. brown makes that much of a difference, so my main “tool” in terms of controlling my sugar is simply to eat as little bread as I can, full stop. So the hot dog buns were a treat, I knew that. Plus, in one of those buns, you’re eating far more bread than you would in, say, a slice of toast. But when I think of my diabetic diet, there are very few foods that I totally ban – most stuff, even chocolate, I just make sure my intake is sufficiently small – a bar per month, say – that I don’t notice it when I test my sugar. But perhaps I just need to think of these rolls as totally off-limits?

As things stand, there is one Bratwurst left and one roll (I started off with 6 of each). I plan to have the last Bratwurst for lunch, but I can’t risk the roll. I’m gonna do that and measure myself again come tea time.

This diabetes – having to worry about this stuff – is a real pita, although I must admit that I do find it fascinating to know that such-and-such a food will do such-and-such to my sugar. I guess I’m lucky in that I can test all this stuff on myself, it is all empirical. A lot of peope can live in ignorance of this, but for me, that knowledge is literally life or death.

I did take a little extra insulin this morning, just when I saw the high reading. I’m out this afternoon so I’ll need to make sure I have my jelly beans with me, just in case. Although I’m in the centre of Salisbury so finding some food or other to put my sugar up a bit shouldn’t be a problem.