On the subject of getting myself back into work, last week I managed to pick up a suit in the sales. And today, I got a pack of white shirts – I’d already got a couple of silk, clip-on ties, and have just checked myself in the mirror and… I look like I can go to work again!

I haven’t had to wear “smart” clothes since 2013, and really, it felt good to look smart again. I’m a lot bigger – before the stroke I wore a 28″ waist trousers, and now my jeans are 34″. The suit was 36″. My neck has got thicker and is now 17″. The rest of my torso hasn’t increased as much, in fact the shirts look a bit tent-like apart from around the neck. But I can’t really complain, I’m coming back after a stroke, after all. I’m more sedentary now, but I’m hopeful that a job will get me moving about a bit more in any case.

One other bit of semi-good news today. The first step toward doing well was having a CV which made agents bite. If I could achieve that, and get the CV in front of the client, then it would normally impress them too, and I would get to meet them at interview.

When I worked up in London, it was Premier Leage stuff (even though it often didn’t feel like it!) and I developed a CV to match. It would guarantee me an interview. Last week, I sent it off in respect of one job, and it obviously still ticks the boxes because the agent phoned today to say she wanted to put me forward.

There is a potential hitch now that the work around here does not match my level, but it will be worth talking to them at least. I also have a job fair tomorrow, although I’m not sure what to expect.