More Thought Required

My wife went for a hospital appointment yesterday, it was something respiratory so, before the appointment, she needed to get a chest x-ray. We got to the appointment and were immediately told to go to another department to get the x-ray.

When we got there, my wife was not on their list. Not even late, but non-existent! So there was a 30 minute wait while they tried to find out what was happening.

In the time we were waiting, three other patients arrived, all with the same story. All patients at this respiritory clinic, none of whom were expected by X-Ray.

So I’d I’d guess my wife and I weren’t just unlucky. I’d guess that this fuckup happens at many clinics, many weeks.

Respiratory and X-Ray appointments normally run hand-in-hand. So, you’d think their IT system would allow then to easily book both appointments at once. Apparently not.

I’ve got a lot of sympathy for the argument that our hospitals are starved of cash, but I don’t think cash is the only answer, there’s often just a basic lack of common sense.

It does make me wonder – I can’t be the only person who notices these flaws, and I’m not Brain of Britain. I wonder how many good people have gone into the NHS, have seen the problems and wanted to do something about them, and just been ground down by the system?

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