I think I got to a certain age when I thought I wanted to reduce my footprint. The roof got full of solar panels and the Porsche went, in favour of something much more eco.

It was interesting at the weekend, I had someone round who objected to the tannin in his mug. We don’t bother with a dishwasher any more, largely to save water with just the pair of us. Things like tannin have accumulated on some of our mugs, especially when I went through a phase of black tea, just because getting fresh milk is no longer trivial for me. In any case, the tannin is obviously sourced from the tea leaves – drinking water which had been mixed with those same leaves didn’t seem to be a problem. I don’t worry about it myself, in fact it reinforces to me that the detergents used by dishwashers can be pretty strong. I’m sure that tea ultimately poisons me, to one degree or another, but we could apply that argument to anything.

But it is interesting how people see things with different perspectives – I worry about a zillion things, many of which I can’t overly control, but not the tannin in my mug.

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