There was an excellent article on Channel 4 News last night. They’ve put it on their web site here. I hope this link is permanent – they do put some stuff onto Youtube, which is a far more reliable place for videos, but unfortunately not this story.

Anyway, the article is about a secure web site where you can record your preferences when something happens. Do you resuscitate etc. I think it is ever such a good idea. I certainly don’t follow the “keep someone alive at all costs” philosophy, and I think that, when the time comes, the most important thing is dignity.

I feel that a stroke is quite a near-death experience, and so I feel qualified to comment on this one. Whilst it is true that I get some value from life, I think that if my disability were worse, I could well come to a different conclusion. Even now, I think if I were to die tomorrow (I hope not – I have plans 😊), I don’t think I’d be saying, “that’s a shame, there was so much he didn’t get to do”. I’m lucky in the places I’ve been, and very privileged to have met the people I’ve met along the way. And certainly one of my sadder memories of hospital life was not just because of the stroke itself, but because some things happened which robbed me of my dignity. I don’t want to go into that but I do think that sooner or later, we get to a place where we just want to “call time”. You know, as time passes the detailed memories fade, but the overall impression doesn’t.

I get the feeling that this post is a little incoherent, and for that I apologise. I hope, at least, that I have managed to convey my sentiment.