Blog Statistics (2)

So I thought I knew how Blogger calculated statistics. However, yesterday I wrote a very quick post. At my stroke coffee, one of the guys took a photo of everyone and put it online last night, so I just put the photo in a post with very little commentary.

As soon as I did this, I happened to view the statistics, and this new post-page appeared in the list of pages that had been viewed. And this was, literally, two minutes earlier. And Blogger tells me that my blog only ever gets two or three visits per day, so what are the chances?

To try and find out a little more, I looked at a few other statistics, reloaded my page, and noticed that the Chrome visits increased by one! (I’m still using Opera.) It is a bit weird, since if I look at all-time statistics, Opera appears three times. Great for diagnostics – I know it is recognised but it is very uncommon. Maybe Blogger (or Opera) changed something and the browser is not recognised correctly any more?

So, all of a sudden, I’m treating numbers with a pinch of salt again. Hitherto, at least, I was seeing Chrome appear in the statistics, and happily thinking “that’s not me”. It really wouldn’t surprise me if Chrome must be the world’s most popular browser, but I’m equally sure that I don’t use it.

Anyway, I shan’t keep posting about my blog. One of my pet hates is to see, say, the BBC to use its news broadcasts to report on…..the BBC, and I’m conscious that me writing about my blog is much the same.

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