The Light Switch

Really pleased this morning, I’ve achieved what was quite a longstanding goal. The first time was a couple of days ago, the second was just now.

The goal? To use my bad arm, unaided, to switch the kitchen light. Not much at all, but it shows how I’m getting gradually more movement.

The switch in question is on the wall, around 5 feet off the ground. Around about shoulder-height. With some degree of effort, I can get my arm to the horizontal, but just getting it that few inches higher, I haven’t managed. If I extend my arm too much, it gets too heavy and I can’t support its weight. So I have to move the bits of my arm very deliberately – it feels exactly like a crane. A Herculean effort. But, a couple of days ago, I finally conquered it. Even when I get my hand high enough, I’m not really dextrous. The reeason I can do it at all is just because I us my fist a bit like a club! But, one thing at a time…

Right now, I’m still at the stage where I sometimes succeed, but mostly I fail, so there is a further goal – to get my success rate up to 100%. Yesterday, for example, I crashed and burned. So it’s kind-of a continuous challenge for now, until I’m reliable.

This post probably seems quite trivial. I hope so. Be grateful that what takes me a year, you can do with no effort whatever.

I don’t really see any improvement from day-to-day, so having finally accomplished this after trying for so long is a milestone. My mindset is that all of these disabilities are temporary, that one day I will overcome them – this seems to be a typical trait of survivors no matter what their current situation. I think I need that sense of hope to keep going.

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